Venerea has been going on for a while and I've interviewed them once before... I think. This will at least be the first interview for 2022 (39th year with Skrutt) January-2022


Good to hear from you again. This album is a collection of b-pages and other things as you put it? Is there a new record coming?

-Yes, the new album Euro Trash will be released this autumn.


You've always kept your style. What do you think of bands trying to change their mind for each record? I understand if you want to be develop but is it necessary to change the style of music?

 -It is good if you hear that it is fun to play; for some bands it works to continue with what you do best and others have to try new things to keep the pep. So no, you do what you want.


You've been to a lot of different record labels, how come, has it just happened and you haven't wanted to commit or what's the explanation?

-The first three went bankrupt after a record or two, then we've taken it one record at a time. Austrian SBÄM releases next.


Micke was his name which was Brööl Records, where did he go? You know something?

- I don't fucking know.


If you compare it to the beginning when you played outside, what's the big difference besides that you might be more famous today?

- Less record sales, but more singing along. We and the audience are older.


Do you play a lot abroad? Where's the best?

-It's probably best around Europe because that's where we've been around the most, but Japan, Russia and Canada were also fun.


Do you play out often? How often will it be?

-5-10 festivals per summer maybe. Otherwise, it's mostly inside.


Have you been doing this all along, or have you had any long breaks?

-We have never stopped playing together but we are not in a hurry to release records so there will be some natural breaks.


Who are the members today, do you have any other bands on the side? Tell us a little about each member.

-Daniel Dahlström (former Johansson) - guitar. Mikael Persson - bass and vocals. Andreas Flygare - guitar and vocals. John Niklasson - drums. Daniel also plays in Revenge together with Andreas and in Whisker Burn together with Mikael, who is also in Weakhearts. John plays in Shitty and 040. Everyone in the band wears glasses to different extents. We are 172 years old.


How many songs have you done in one, do you think?

- Just over 200.


Do you play songs from all the albums live, or are there any you're tired of?

-The first record Hullabaloo we haven't played anything from since '96. Otherwise, we usually bring something from most records anyway.


What songs are the audience's favorites?

-Calling Card and Love Is A Battlefield of Wounded Hearts?


Do you have a crazy fan who has done a Venerea tattoo or something like that?

- Yes, unexpectedly many, actually.


You write in English. You have never written in Swedish, right?

-Before Venerea was formed, three of the original members had another band called Smuts which played and sang in Swedish.


What is the most important thing to consider when writing a text?

-That it should fit or contrast with the music after mood.


Can you write about everything or are there things you will never write about?

- Yes, and yes.


Politics and music? Does it belong together?

-Maybe not party politics. In any case, it is more fun to invent stories with more or less reliable storytellers than to propagate.


Which band is the best political band do you think?

-None of us have a favorite band that just sings about politics.


Any good bands in Sweden that you would like to recommend us readers about? New and old bands you like?

-John recommends Gasp and The Arson Project. Flygarn lifts Västra Aros. Daniel is listening to Kent a lot right now. Mikael likes Bäddat för trubbel and Torsson. And Kjell Höglund even though he is certainly not a band.


Playing this kind of punk in Sweden, how is it? Do you play concerts mostly with other punk bands, right? What's the oddest band you've played with?

-We rarely play in Sweden and usually then together with other punk bands if it is not festivals. Quit Your Dayjob was pretty odd.


If you could choose any band, dead or live band to play together with you? What's your dream band you've already played with?

-It has been good to pull a few laps around Europe with SNFU. If we choose each band we would like to play with, it will be The Clash, Bad Religion, Chemical People and Guided By Voices.


Photo by Aija Svensson


Do you buy a lot of records yourself? The first album you bought, the latest and the most expensive you've ever bought?

-Mikael buys a lot. His first album was Twisted Sisters You Can't Stop Rock'n'Roll, his most recent Bob Dylan in 1970, most expensive Guided By Voices Tonics & Twisted Chasers.


What three words describe your music?

-Guitar, bass, drums.


Are there a lot of interviews these days? Boring or fun?

- Far too few! It's funny.


Strangest question you've ever been asked? (Other than this one)?

-The other 33.


The question you miss and want?

- The specific one.


Do you read reviews on your records? Which is the weirdest review you've ever had?

-Sometimes. Two Hullabaloo favorites are "Fuck in the sea what I hate Venerea" and one about our "shitty singer with Jello Biafra complex."


Do you have any favorite zines etc that you often come back to?



Future for the band besides new gigs?

-Keep writing good songs.


For yourself?

-Keep my blood pressure at a moderate level.


Words of wisdom?

- Hellre en back i hallen än ett hack i ballen (hard to translate).


Anything to add?

-Vote for ideology