Diestinct has started playing again and that's nice. They were predicted a fantastic future but ended after two full lengths but now they are back again....December 2021


You've started playing again. How long has it been since you quit? We quit in 1985. We had so much money, we didn't feel like we needed any more. 😊   


The same members?

-Left from the basic set are Micke and Zacke.


What have you done musically and work-wise while Diestinct wasn't playing?

-We have played in various constellations on each side and beamed together on stage at some parties over the years.


There were two LPs and a few singles but now you're recordng a new record, tell me?

- We recorded "Minns du mig..." on Massproduktion anniversary in 2019. We were damn happy with the result and, to be honest, we thought it sounded very good! It felt very natural to continue writing songs for an entire album.


How does that sound like? Tougher, kinder than before?

- Tougher, kinder, more mature and prettier!


Ett gevär I min hand(A gun in my hand), is that a self-perceived text?

-Yes, wrote it when I (Zacke) refused to do the military.


You come from Sundsvall and became probably one of the most successful bands from Massproduktion. Did it turn out as you had planned with Mistlur? –

Zacke comes from Luleå and Micke from Sundsvall. Mistlur saw us when we were on a TV show called Midvinterrock. It was Thåström who tipped them off to signing us. Mistlur had his own studios and above all Stefan Glaumann (technician/producer Ebba Grön m.m.) worked at Mistlur. Yes, it was a perfectly ok collaboration.


Are there any other bands that have started playing again that you like and think have succeeded with the comeback?

-Will be exciting to see/hear what Eldkvarn's comeback sounds like! One of our favorite bands! Atomic Swing


Have you played live since your comeback? If you've done what kind of audience is coming?

-Not yet. We have some plans.


Are there any other good bands in Sweden right now?

-Amason, Niki & The Dove,


You started out as a punk band and what does punk mean to you today?

-We didn't see ourselves as a punk band. Our references were rather 60s, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, The The, The Jam m.m.


It was hard being a punk in Sundsvall at that time...tell us?

-In addition to the usual clashes with raggare, it was a pretty fun period. But like I said... We were never regular punks.


Is Massproduktion involved in the new album in any way, what do you think of Mats' job with the company?

-No, we're releasing the new album on Ninetone Records. Mats' work with Massproduktion during all these years has been extremely impressive! He is truly an enthusiast who has done a lot for Swedish music life.


When you make music, does anyone do everything, lyrics, music etc or do you do it in the rehearsal room?

-We do everything together (except texts). Sometimes in Zacke's studio or over the phone. Sometimes we sit by ourselves and send audio files to each other.


What album made you start playing music yourself

- Sex Pistols for Micke and Aerosmith's first for Zacke.

How do you think about living in Sweden today? What is good and what is bad?

-Without delving too deeply politically. I wouldn´t choose any other country to live in. Of course we have a lot to deal with..


Many bands make their own beer and sell, if you have done that, what would it be called and what kind would it be? My suggestion is A beer in my hand..-Se men inte röra( Look, but don't touch! "Probably the diestincest beer in Sweden!"


The first record you bought, the latest and the most embarrassing record in your collection?

-The last record was an LP with Daniel Norgren. We bought "Daddy Cool" with Boney M together when we were 7 and 8 years old respectively.


The new album comes out physciall I hope and what do you think about digital music

-Physical is a bit of fun and works mostly as marketing. The fact that people today have access to so much music for a good much cheaper money is amazing! More artists have a chance to break through and reach out with today's distribution.


Politics and music, does it belong together? Which is your most political song?

-Sometimes. Sometimes not. We didn't write songs that were particularly political.


Which is the best political band

- The Jam, Kinks, Ebba

Many old punks have succeeded quite well and got quite high-ranking jobs tec, what do you think it is due to?

-I don´t know if the percentage of punks who have succeeded is higher than the average!?

Being interviewed is it something you like? Was there a lot of interviews in the good old days?

-It all depends on who´s interviewing- We´ve never had a problem with that. There were a lot of interview over a period of time.

What´s the weirdest question you´ve ever been asked?

-What´s the weirdest question you´ve ever been asked?

Five records you have to own?

- Five records you have to own according to Micke. Paul Simon - There goes rhymi'n Simon Iggy Pop - New values David Bowie - Young americans Iggy Pop - Lust for life The Clash - Give em enough rope

Zacke: Iggy Pop: Lust for Life 2: Magazine- Secondhand Daylight 3: Alanis Morissette- Jagged Little Pill 4: Elbow- The Seldom Seen Kid 5: Coldplay- Ghost Stories

Futureplans ffor the band?

-Write new songs. maybe play live, keep laughing and create brilliant arrangements.

Words of wisdom?

A cone cap is always a cone cap

Anything to add?

-No, no, no, no. Thanks for the interview, Diestinct said.